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ARO 6661A3-344-C Diaphragm Pumps

ARO Pump 6661A3-344-C 1" Non-Metallic Pro Series Air Operated Diaphragm Pump. 1" Connections, Max Flow 47 gpm, Max Fluid Press 120 psi, up to 1/8" diameter particle size, Polypropylene Seat, PTFE Ball, PTFE/Santoprene Diaphragm

Brand: ARO
Manufacturer# 6661A3-344-C
ESIN# ES00000061426
6661A3-344-C Specifications
Fluid capmanifold material Colorless Polypropylene Flange (3-piece manifold)
Seat material Polypropylene
Ball material PTFE
Diaphragm material PTFE/Santoprene
Pump type Non-Metallic, Air Operated, Double Diaphragm
Material Aluminum
Max air inlet pressure 8.3 bar (120 psi)
Max material inlet pressure 0.69 bar (10 psi)
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