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Flux 550.25.676 Drum Pump

Flux 550.25.676 F 55 GS 54/26 39" High Viscosity Drum Pumps. Mechanical seal in ceramic oxide, o-rings in FPM

Brand: FluX
Manufacturer# 550.25.676
ESIN# ES00027506587
Price: $4410.00
550.25.676 Specifications
Max delivery rate50 l/min
Max delivery head8 Bar
Thread on outletG 11 /2 A (BSP 11/2'' male)
Seal typemechanical seal in ceramic oxide o-rings in FPM
Materialouter tube, torsion shaft and eccentric worm in stainless steel 316 Ti
Outer ?15254 mm
Statornot included with the pump
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