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GF Signet 3-3-2537-1C-P0 Paddlewheel Flow Sensor

GF Signet 2537 Rotor-X Series 3-2537-1C-P0 Integral Mount Paddlewheel Flow Sensor

Brand: Signet
Manufacturer# 3-2537-1C-P0
ESIN# ES00000042343
Price: $672.00
3-2537-1C-P0 Specifications
Operating range fts 0.3 ft/s to 20 ft/s
Operating range ms 0.1 m/s to 6 m/s
Operating temperature -18 to 85° C (0 to 185° F)
Pipe size in 0.5 to 4 in
Pipe size dn DN15 to DN100
Body Polypropylene
Rotor Black PVDF
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